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Soooo... today is... Saturday?

Yesterday R-kun and I decorated the house and got the bar ready. We also went outside and made the deck presentable. Since I was expecting a lot of people who smoke, I had to clean off the deck chairs& table. Last time it was raining really hard, some of the deck chairs were blown clear across the deck towards the house. It was really impressive!

Anyway.. we did that, and since it was really hot outside, we both needed showers afterwards. We got really sweaty from trimming branches, etc. :( Found out my palm tree is infested with carpenter ants and will have to come down.
While I was waiting on R-kun, I did some more dishes, vaccumed, etc. Afterwards, I gave him some money to go buy more supplies, chatted with Akuma, and took my shower. Exciting, right? Well, he gets back with the stuff.. and surprise surprise... when I told him to use the extra cash on food or whatever for the party, he spent it all on mixers XP

Two of the out of towners called to say they wouldn't be in until today, and I found out really late last night that the other two I was expecting yesterday won't be able to make it at all. Malophyte stopped in yesterday, and I also got the chance to visit with another local freind for a few hours, but all in all, yesterday kinda sucked :P I'm not expecting really anyone else today except for the two out of towners that called yesterday, and a few more locals. I was thinking it might be a better idea to stick to my halloween things, since this one has been a minor disaster. But... I was kind of thinking this one would be better, since so many people complain of having other places to be, etc around halloween. I usually get really great turnouts for the halloween ones, though. I don't know. Have to see how it goes tonight. I should probably getsome photos of my hedonism bot (futurama har har) before I throw it away/destroy it/dump it on someone.

This morning has been really relaxing, though. Aside from R-kun waking me up really early >..< I got some more dishes done, and wiped all the sticky stuff off the vinyl sheeting I threw over the countertop. Best idea ever. <3 plastic sheeting. <3 no stains on my formica.

OH! hahaha.. I forgot to mention... Thursday night R-kun decided I needed to be introduced to the concept of stuffing yourself silly with oddly flavored chicken wings, and afterwards, we dumped about 5-6 full bags of trash in some random dumpster in a location I should not make public. hahaha. Well.. That got rid of a lot, but we're still going to have extra at the end of the week, and no Greggo or Bevo to help me make another trash run :(


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