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08 June 2005 @ 09:20 pm
I made some really great beef stir fry today. Yum!
Um... since I was cooking, I made a lot of trash :(
If I was into gardening, I'd have the makings of a great compost heap. But, as it stands, we have a very very tiny backyard, and I don't garden.

Malophyte and I walked around the neighborhood. I was thinking about jogging, but it was really hot out, so I walked at a brisk pace. I was fine for a little over the first half, but during the last few legs, I got really worn out. There are a lot of hills with beautiful houses on them around the neighborhood, and I got a good look at some I've never really had a chance to stare at from the car. Beautiful hills will make a beautiful ass if I do this regularly, I think. Some of the hills were really steep, so by the time we were just about finished, I was feeling pretty exhausted. So, we stretched, walked it off, and watched some TV until dinner.

I need to buy some stuff for the party, but I've been feeling lazy. It's hard to get an accurate head count. Some people are coming thurs-fri-sat, while others are coming sat-sun, or just sunday. I'm trying to decide how much decorating I really want to do since I don't think I'm going to have more than 5 other people in the house at any given moment :P I think I'm going to be wholly shocked and unprepared when people start showing up :P

Anyway.. somthing smells like feet, and I think it's me :( I took a shower last night, but since I got all sweaty touring the neighborhood, I think I must smell rather horrid right now. Makes me wish I waited to take my shower. My hair always takes so long to dry, and I don't like blow drying it regularly T..T

Oh well. For lunch today, I had two mozzarella sticks and two bannanas. For a snack, I had 2 mozzarella sticks (The string-cheese kind, not the fried kind), and for dinner, I had a large bowl of beef& veggie stir fry with rice. Afterwards, I had a fat free ice cream sandwich. The day was punctuated with diet sodas and water. Not too bad for today. I thought about having some crackers earlier today, but resisted the temptation. I guess in the end, it's really all about the little battles :(
Current Mood: dirtystinky