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Since the work thing has gone from no big deal to somthing that pisses me off, I've decided that I need to find somthing to keep me busy. Not just to stave off depression, but to keep me from dwelling on it.
I've become quite the industrious housewife over the past few days :P
I'd committed to trying to get two things done in the house every day. Yesterday, I got that horrible corner cleaned up, cooked a very nice dinner for Akuma& myself, and got some dishes done. A few days before that, I got a massive ammount of laundry done, etc. I've had a good track record the past few days.
Today, I folded the remainder of the laundry (with the exception of pairing up socks, and getting the sheets folded.. my arms are short) and I vaccumed the hallway, and parts of the 3 bedrooms. I wand to get more dishes done today too.. but we'll see how that goes.

I've been thinking about sewing lately. I don't really feel inspired to do anything.. but I do want to finish my purple velvet justaucorps and maybe get to work on a fun retarded costume I've been thinking about for a while. Pirates are awesome, yes indeedy.
But my other costume? heh. I want to make the most fabulous kind of costume where you can get away with wearing spandex no matter what the weight, and have it still look accurate. Plus, it's got wings... and a mask.. it'll be great. :X


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