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Ah, the wonderful world of unemployment!

The whole situation is still a little shocking for me. Usually for these sorts of transitions, you have a period of adjustment. You know.. the last two weeks when you know you are leaving, and you are mentally prepared for a change. I really didn't have that with this job. I jeel like I was dumped on my ass. It's akward. I'm still not pissed, despite the mature the store manager seems to be treating the situation.
I went into the store yesterday morning to pull all of my reserves. I couldn't pull all of them, though. :( There were 3 things I HAD to have, and some gamebucks I could't get refunded, so I left it on the reserves. The Manager in Training (MIT)was the manager on duty. He's in training because he's moving on to a new store (eventually) and we were short on management for a while. I chatted with him about things for a little while. Apparently, the store manager isn't telling ANYONE what happened, but that I no longer work there. He didn't say I quit, he didn't say he fired me (well, maybe he did. No clue), but he's been a real shit about the whole thing. It could have been quiet. It could have been "This employee of two years is leaving us. Oh well." Instead, everyone at the store has been gossiping about it for the past two days because no one knows what happened. I told the MIT exactly what happened. I'm not ashamed of it. I have no reason to be.
At the time, it seemed like I was given the opportunity to quit and turn in my two week's notice rather than being fired on the spot, or fired two weeks from now.
I figured since I turned in my two week's notice yesterday, I'm still techinically on the payroll, and they may have me work a day or two up until then. So, I asked the MIT if it would be possible to get my employee discount on an item, so I could use up all my store credit.

He told me that he couldn't do it, because the store manager would get royally pissed at him if he found out.

WTF. I didn't make a big deal about it. I understand, and I don't want anyone to get in trouble. I didn't think it could possibly hurt to ask, though.

But, it looks like the store manager is treating this like a firing. He's making a huge deal out of it, causing a shitload of drama, and being a general wanker about the whole situation. I'm being treated like I was fired for being a horrible person.

I'm starting to wonder if my numbers were just an excuse to get rid of me. Not that it matters, since I don't work there anymore.. but I really don't need to have to deal with this crap all over again when I go look for another job. The thing is... the manager could TOTALLY treat this like a firing. He could report that he fired me, he could tell all my references that he fired me, and no one would beleive that I quit. The thought wouldn't have even crossed my mind if it wasn't for the fact that about a year ago, an assistant manager put his two week's notice in, and one week later, the store fired him, and made sure that it was known that he was FIRED, and didn't quit. WTF.

Anyway.. a funny little end note... the MIT didn't return each and every one of my reserves. I had 5 dollars down per game, on multiple games. I had 65 bucks worth of reserves that needed to be returned. I told him I was sorry, and didn't mean to do it to him, personally, but that it was somthing that had to get done, and it would have happened to the manager if he was working yesterday. The MIT was really pissed off at the manager about somthing else, and was thinking about quitting that afternoon. I wonder how that went....

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