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Liberated from Gameslop

As of today, I am no longer a Gamesplort employee.
Despite how hard I felt I worked for them, it was not enough. Because I did not sell enough magazine subscriptions/discount cards and game reserves, I have been asked to resign. I am truely thankful for the fact that my manager was gracious enough to let me know that I was going to be let go soon, so that I have the opportunity to resign first and prevent an unsightly firing on my resume.

Well.. this means my schedule is very open now.

I'm going to try to avoid the depression I slipped into two years ago, though. When I got fed up with Hastings, I decided to quit and take a break. That break turned into an extended period of unemployment when I couldn't find anything I was qualified for. During that period of time, I became very depressed. And even with this job I used to have at Gamesnot, I would become depressed when I wasn't scheduled for 3 weeks in a row. It drives you nuts when your freinds are always busy, and you sit at home doing nothing.
At least now I can start planning more trips to visit the family, etc.

I just feel so useless, though. Companies value sales and profit over useful employees, and the fact that I've helped the company gain LOYAL customers through good customer service means nothing to that store as long as they're selling magazines has always been an issue for me. But now I'm unemployed, so it's ok to be a little bitter about it.
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