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So.. today is laundry day.. and trash day.. and cleaning that one nasty corner day.. and lysol day... and dish day... and... and.. and.. etcetc.

Dishes are running right now, as is a load of laundry. My work clothes are all dirty, and I won't have anything for tomorrow if I don't get cracking. Blech. I promised Akuma I'd work on things, though. And I will feel better once the house is a bit cleaner. Akuma was telling me how some people at work really wanted to see the home entertainment center, but he told them they couldn't come over because the house is a mess. It makes me feel bad, like I'm not doing my job. It makes me feel like a horrible wife to things like that. Like he's ashamed of the environment he lives in. So, I;m going to work on that today.
I slept in late.. till ike 11:30. It was great. Such a nice change from waking up at 9:30 every morning. And since then, I've been cleaning. We have a HUGE mountain of trash by one of the sliding doors. It's been slowly accumulating for months, because we don't have a large dumpster like we had back when we were living in the apartments. I really took that thing for granted. Now, if we make a physically large purchase, it takes us a few weeks to get rid of all the packing materials, because we have to slowly break it down and divide it up over a few weeks of trash. And when we have company over for long periods of time, we make a lot of trash then, too. Especially when my brother comes over and we cook. Then it's a horrible mess D:
A compost heap would probably do well back in the back yard, but since we're so close to so much wildlife, and I don't garden that much, I don't want to mess with it.

I had a horrible dream last night where mom was bitten by a coral snake. Seeing somthing fatally poisonous in my front yard has really unnerved me. The best I can do is clean the house up more, and give the creepy crawlies fewer places to hide. Disorganized piles of stuff are my enemy. That makes the bedroom #1 on my hit list (still) but it'll (still) be a while before I can do anything about it.

Oh yeah.. and I've been looking at this pile of stuff by my computer for a week now. I was cleaning out my shelves, and found a few things I don't need anymore. If anyone wants to buy/trade some DVDs or manga, I have a few I don't really want.

DVDs- Saikuki Vol 1

Kare Kano vol 2
Cowboy bebop vol 1
Mars vol 1
Samurai Deeper Kyo Col 1
Battle Royal vols 1-3
The Ring

All stuff I either got in a clearance bin, or bought on impulse& was really dissappointed with. I take good care of my crap, so it's all in great shape. I'm not trolling for cash, so if you want to trade somthing cool you don't want and I might, I'm open for trades :P


It looks like I have an extra pair of Haibane wings, too. The ones I made for my brother, for the group that never happened. N-kun has his, and I'm keeping mine. I also have the materials and bases to make somthing like 2 more sets. So if someone wants a pair of ash grey Haibane wings, I'm actually selling a cosplay item D:
Asking price for the wings is around 50 bucks not including shipping, though. I busted my ass making them. They don't have a harness, but I can ghetto rig one or tell you how I made mine if you want to buy a pair. They look like this, but different :P Same feathers, same size, etc, but since each feather is placed by hand, It wont' look EXACTLY the same. Oh, and I can mail a few extra replacement feathers with it, too.

And if I REALLY like you, you might be able to convince me to part with my black wings for 75 bucks. :P Those things were an even larger pain :(


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