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I'm so tired of work. Waking up early every single morning sucks. Monday was my last day off. I have to work tomorrow, then I am finally on next week's schedule!!
I don't know why, but it's so exciting for me to get off of an old schedule and move onto another one. This upcoming week is sooo much more open than this week. And after waking up early 6 days in a row, I'm getting a day off soon! Gotta go tomorrow from 11-5, then I have Sunday off..
Work Monday, get Tues off... Work Weds& Thurs, and get Friday& Sat off. That's the other exciting thing. Two days off in a row! I can't really count that week when I was *supposed* to go to Minnesota. I did get nearly a week off from work, which was wonderful.. but it's made the return week that much worse. And with the exception of last week's cacnceled trip, it was getting king of rare for me to have two days off in a row. I was working every other day.

Gah, I'm tired. I havent' been able to do much in WoW recently because everyone wants to go into dungeons late at night.. and I can't stay up late because I'm waking up early for work every day! Then, when I can play in the afternoons, not enough people are on to go do what I want.

The other part that sucks is that I don't get to spend as much time with Akuma. And it's his week working. Blech. Well.. when he gets off on Tuesday... we may get to go see Star Wars. That, or maybe Friday.. I dunno.

I really want to clean out the master bedroom this week sometime. Getting those closets cleaned out with celine really inspired me to do more, but I haven't done crap yet. Usually when I'm in the mood to get stuff done, Akuma's asleep, or it's too late at night and I have to sleep for stupid work. I kind of miss when I had my set schedule at Hastings. At least I knew they had my ass for 8 hours 3 days out of the week. And I had my weekends free. It was like.. Mon-Weds, 6AM-3pm or some crap like that. Waking up THAT early really sucked. It was horrible. But it was 3 days out of the week, and I could do whatever I wanted with the rest of my week.. had my weekends off... yeah. But that job was slowly driving me insane. I'm not quite insane with this one, but I can feel myself slowly starting to loathe it.

It starts out small. I haven't worn makeup to work in about a week. That's how I know.
Time for sleep. Work tomorrow XP


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