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Blah.. to lazy to de-angst the other entry

So all I really want to say is that no, I didn't go see Star Wars. No, I'm not going to see Star Wars (for a while yet) But, I would like to.
Because of Akuma's work schedule I won't get to see it until next week. Maybe Weds. So I wish everyone would stop talking about it so I can pretend it doesn't come out until next week :P

I made the world's BEST, most INCREDIBLE bean dip last night. And I hate bean dip (for the most part)

I encourage any of you Waco locals to stop by and try some before I eat it all.

I made it with some charro beans I had leftover from when R-kun came over and made them for me, and mixed in some cheese. OH MY GOD. Beans are great.
It's probably so good because it takes like a week to make :P
First, you have to make charro beans, which involves cooking the shit out of pinto beans for a day, then cooking the shit out of them with tomato, onion, and cilantro added. There's probably other shit tossed in there, too. I dunno. But after that was done, we added some smoked sausage to it, and cooked the shit out of it some more. And that was really good.

But it was even better 2 days later after everything had sat in the fridge for a few nights and gotten to know each other. The beans took on the flavor of the sausage& pico de gallo, and the tomatoes cooked away to nothing in the broth.

But then we were all kinda tired of days and days of beans, no matter how good... So they sat in the fridge for a few more days, getting to know everything. I decided to turn it into bean dip, and pulled out all the sausage chunks and threw them away. (They looked really bland and icky since the beans leached out all the sausagy goodness)

I beat the shit out of them with my electric beaters, and then put them back on the heat. I cubed about a cup of colby jack cheese, and a 1/4 cup shredded 4-cheese melt and heated it up until all the cheese was melted. Now I'm in beany heaven again :P


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