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Minnesota trip: Cancelled. A-kon reservation: Cancelled Next order of business: Slacking& Togas

So... my youngest brother is an inconsiderate brat.
That's all I want to say about that, or I'll go off on a long, long rant about how one can't ask two working people to each take 6 days off from work to drive two days to pick up a family member in need, only to cancel at the last minute so he can ride down with his girlfreind and make it home to mom's in time to throw a party for himself.


Because of this... I have a week on my hands with no work, which is nice.. but I can't help but think how bad this looks at my job. Especially when I told them that the trip was off. So.. next week I have 26 hours. Must be my punishment :( (Well, that, and the fact that we're going to be understaffed because the ast. mngr. is going to E3. Lucky bastard) Since R-kun and I both got time off to pick up the youngest one, he decided to come slack with me. We've been playing videogames and eating beans all day. It's been great.
(I got this craving for this weird bean dish I've only ever had down here.. and mostly in the Valley. It's like.. brownish colored beans with some sort of meat flavor, onions and some other crap. Turns out it's just pinto beans, pico de gallo[Onion, tomato, cilantro], salt, and bacon/sausage boiled together. We made.. a lot.)

I also canceled my hotel room for A-kon today. Definitely not going now.
As of today, I don't have anything planned between now and Animefest, which is refreshing. I thought maybe I would feel a little sad or nostalgic for missing A-kon, but it feels more like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I say no plans til A-fest, however, because I have been seriously considering re-scheduling the Toga for the week after A-kon. Even though I think maybe only Bevo & Mallo will come XD Hahaha! Well, it's enough for me! :D
I need to look into buying some more glow sticks bulk, though. Those worked so well last time, I want to make sure I get tons more. I also need to restock my rum& vodka. R-kun has been going on and on about hitting up the liquor store tomorrow, so maybe we will. No plans yet.

It feels nice.


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