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Toga, Toga Toga!

Ok. Not much is going on right now, but there is quite a bit of news?

Show of hands of who would like to come to the Toga event, please.

Now, a show of hands of those would would like to come if only it was the weekend AFTER A-kon.

I'm considering pushing it back a weekend so it can be
A) accessible to those who went to A-kon but still want to come to my house and drink& wear a toga
B) on Akuma's week off
C) more convenient for any other reason I cannot currently think of?

Same food& drink rules apply, and you have no excuse whatsoever to not show up in costume on this one.
Possible movies for the night.
um.. Animal House & Clash of the Titans? :P (Ok... so not really Clash of the Titans, because that's in Greek mythology, and the greeks didn't wear togas, right? So we can watch other exciting things like Gladiator, and South Park dubbed in Japanese, because of the fact that anything with Russel Crowe now reminds me of that one "Fightin' 'Round the world with Russel Crowe" episode of South Park, and Minako found me that great VHS tape of South Park dubbed in Japanese a few years back. I think I want the movie like that now.. lol)

Please comment, those of you who would seriously come :(

And in other news....

I have the 11th-17th off from work to pick up my little brother in Minnesota. Gotta move him out of the dorms and take him back to Texas for the summer. Had to get 6 days off from work. Gotta pay 2+ dollars per gallon in gas for two days of driving. Gotta pay for a hotel room, etc. Didn't want to go, but I'm doing it for family, etcetc.
Well, now he's saying that he's coming down with his girlfreind, and that he doesn't NEED us to come pick him up anymore.
The little shit.
Apparently, since R-kun's car can't handle the trip down to the Valley anymore, little shit brother decided he didn't WANT to come down with us because he'd have ended up staying in San Marcos with R-kun until mom could pick him up.

And that would spoil his party plans.

You can't beleive how pissed I am at that situation. I'm glad we dont' have to go now, but his thoughtlessness astounds me. I've had to cancel plans to go do things I'd rather be doing so I could pick up his ass and haul it from one end of the country to another. Those opportunities have passed, and now he doesn't NEED us because it'll ruin his party plans. GRRR

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