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It's official!!

Unless they have some other crazy announcements, (which I doubt) I'm not going to A-kon this year.
The page was updated tonight with another musical guest, and it's not someone I would die to see live. (In fact, I've never really heard of them, and I don't like One Peice)

Unless any of you with intimate knowledge of A-kon step up and say somthing cryptic like "Hmm... We may not be done with announcements yet.." or "You may regret canceling your reservation...." (Hinting that there may be one more guest that I would really like) then I will be canceling my hotel reservation within the next week. Sorry, A-kon. Byebye

And you know what that means...


Yes, for those of you who have already committed to the idea ther you will NOT be attending A-kon this year...
Toga Party at my house!

You must wear a bedsheet! (I guess ghosts are ok, too. But don't go cutting holes in your sheets on my account)
Those of you who would like to come, please rsvp with me and commit to one food + beverage/alcohol item beforehand. You know the drill. I can tell you what we'll need and what I have plenty of.
I'm leaving this journal entry open because Heero sucks. :P

PS, Bevo: I noticed Miki-chan's post about the Erasure tour and completely forgot that you and I were going to try to go. They're playing Houston on the 10th, which was the one I know you wanted to go to, but I absolutely can't make it since I have to leave for Minnesota on the 11th to pick up my little brother :(
There's a date on May 31st in Dallas, though....


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