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Oh my God

The new Buck-Tick album is fucking brilliant.
You have to listen to it in it's entirity, though. You can't just take one track. The single tracks alone are great, but this work as a whole is genius.
They've incorporated a lot of things I've always wanted to hear on an album.. and that's thoughtful track arrangement, cohesive tracks, and somthing else I think is a little harder to describe....
There's a sense of unity throughout the whole album that you can feel from track to track. It's like there is a theme song for the album, and you hear bits and peices of it in every song. The main "CLOWN" theme is played at the beginning, middle and end of the album in filler tracks, but it is presented differently each time. And various aspects of that theme are present in each song. Sometimes it's just a beat, or a hint of a melody, or the key the song is played in, but they all make you think back to that original melody without pounding it into your head.
It's a wonderful album.
I think it is somthing you could appreciate greatly, Goat. Great rock with hints of industrial and new romantic styles from the 80's and 90's, but very fresh. They've been around forever, but I've NEVER been dissappointed with an album purchase. Akuma was wonderful to find this for me. And since I got the first press, I got some postcards with the band members on them, and a DVD with the "Romance" single on it. I like Buck-Tick a lot <3


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