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Today at work kinda sucked. I'm never there all that long, so there isn't much opportunity for shit to happen. I completed a bunch of little tasks for the store, like usual. Maintenance types of things to keep the place running smoothly. I won't lie. My job isn't anything important. I don't save lives or help raise children to be better people, but I work, and help people enjoy their free time, if just for a little while.
Today was interesting because it seemed like wave after wave of grouchy people who wanted to trade things in for cash. We deal with those a lot, so it's not that I'm not used to it, but it kinda brings you down when everyone who comes in looks like they want to pick a fight with you. It makes it harder and harder to put that smile on your face and treat them like you were waiting all day just to see them.
One such cheery individual bought a PsP and a few games today. I messed up on her puchance. Plain and simple. I grabbed two games from the drawer, and sent her on her way. One case was empty, and they were both used. She wanted new. I fucked up. I have no excuse. It happens sometimes, and I'm always genuinely sorry when it does happen. This lady would not cut me a freakin' break, though. She's apparently freinds with the ASM, too. She apparently met him in person somewhere before coming back to the store, because he called up personally and told me that one case was empty. I thought it was kinda weird that he was taking care of someone else's problem like THAT, but whatever, right? Fix things, make them right, and send the person on his or her merry way.
Well, the girl comes back with the same dour expression on her happy litty face, and looks more and more pissed off the more I try to convey how truely sorry I am for inconveniencing her. So, I stop. She says she was charged for new, got used, was pissed, etc. I fixed the one she brought, but she failed to bring the second game with her. I told her she would have to bring the other one in to be exchanged, and she got pissed. (In my head, I am thinking... wtf.. am I supposed to hand her a new game and let her go? She's still got the used one at her place...)She leaves, and comes back maybe 10-15 min later to get the last part fixed. I again try telling her I am sorry for the problem, and it was entirely my fault. She ignores me completely even as I help her, and then turns to my manager and says. "I don't shop here. I don't come here often at all, and I want you to know I am very unhappy. I don't expect you to do anything about it or try to compensate me in any way. But I am very unhappy."

Well thank you for making me feel like crap. I hate screwing things up, and the best such a small and disgusting person as myself can do is offer true hearfelt appologies. If that's not good enough for you, what is?

Anyway.. I felt like shit for the rest of the day. I'm also moderately pissed at my ASM. If he knew what was going on, he didn't say anything about the new/used mix up she had, and he CERTAINLY didn't tell her that she needed to make sure she brought both products back with her. And if they're so buddy-buddy that he would call on her behalf, why is she being such a hosebeast to his coworkers?

I'm not perfect. And you should hardly expect perfection from someone working part time at a wage slightly elevated from minimum wage because she needs to get out of the fucking house at least once a week.

Akuma really wanted to cheer me up, and he told me that he had a present for me from Japan.
He bought me the new Buck-Tick album. I didn't even know one had just come out. It's very good so far.


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