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The sound and the fury......of bothered hedgehogs

To continue with last night's..hmm.. whatever it was... ^..^**
NF- You're spoggly! Hmm.. You're such an energetic person, I can't think of anything to cheer you up. Aside from your computer situation, you seem rather genki already ^..^**
Puu-::big huggle:: While some people give me reason to worry deeply about them, I know I don't have to worry about you too terribly much. Your life seems really busy and complicated now, as is normal when you're going through a transition.. but I know you'll be just fine. I can't imagine someone with real feelings and cares being abrasive, and that's certainly not the opiion of your freinds here. I see a streak of stubborness in you that reminds me of myself. I know that some people often hate what they see in themselves, and when they see it projected onto someone they know, they lash out. You may jsut have more in common with your accusor than you think. Hang in there. ^..^
Ka-and no, not the element-I love your LJ icon. You're truly nifty. I only really wish that I could meet some of the people I've met on the LJ. Too bad you can't do some scientific observations of Hicks with me. It'd be great. ^..^
PR- You hentai! :D ^..^


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