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Bugs, Games, and Food

Beat Ys: Ark of Napishtim today. Yay! The end boss was so easy, though :( I'm used to playing games like that on normal difficulty and being stuck on a boss for a long time, but I beat the end bosses here without dying once :P I missed a few items, but I hate dash jumping, and I hate the limewater cave where everything is dark, so I'm certain I missed somthing there because of those two things. Oh well :P
I'm glad to be able to cross somthing off the list of crap I haven't conquered yet, though. This way I won't feel so bad when the next thing comes out I have to pick up XP
I found out that they're releasing Popolocrois on PsP, and I'm kinda excited about that, because I've always wanted to play one of the POpolocrois games. I remmeber thinking she looked a lot like Adol from Y's, back when I was looking through gaming mags when I had the SNES. Should be cool.

Last night I made the most indulgent dessert ever. I made a bannana split with rocky road ice cream and topped it with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Mmmmmmm

And Orkin came today. It wasn't our usual guy, but I had him spray the shit out of the house regardless. I hope to make the bigs that try to live here very unhappy. DIE COCKROACH SCUM!
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