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I saw a trailer on TV I hadn't seen yet...

That means I'm behind, and so are you :P
I must say, though, there are a LOT more foreign trailers available this time, and that makes me happy :)

This'll never be in Waco, so I'll have to wait for it to come out on DVD
Save the Green Planet
Wow. This film looks great. It's some weird little thing coming out of Korea. Watch the trailer!!! This means you, Tek. For some weird reason, I thought you might like this.

Zombie movies are so much fun. The concept has been beaten to death, perhaps best with a cricket bat, but hey.. zombies are great :P I really didn't like 28 days or whatever that one was called, but I loved Shaun of the dead. Not sure Undead will be that great. But hey.. a zombie movie!

Trailer looks interesting, but it doesn't tell you much about the film. :( Probably another I will have to wait to rent on DvD, though.

Night Watch
Not a whole lot I can say about this one without actually seeing the movie.. but it looks visually stunning.

Um.. nothing else really grabbed my interest. See you guys later :P


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