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I think the part I hate the most about getting sick is getting better.
Shortly after Kamikaze, I lost my voice for no good reason at all, but I felt fine. After I got my voice back, I was really sick for around a week. Then I got better. I think.
I hate recovering, because it's when you see the best of your body's defenses in action. You see more phlegm, more COLORED mucus, and tons of other secretions you dont' really want in your mouth, nose, throat, ears, etc. And you have to get rid of it.
And then.. after you're through with that, you wonder for the next few days if you're really over it. Or if maybe, you're going to get sick for a few more days, or maybe you'd end up having to go to the doctor, etc.
I've been over this cold for a while now, but my nose is still a little congested and I SWEAR I'm not smelling/tasting things quite right yet. But who knows?
I hate getting well almost as much as I hate getting sick.

So, to celebrate, I've been doing more of exactly nothing.

I've been playing a lot of the new DDS:AT game, and more WoW. Been thinking about how much I don't want to sew, and thinking about whether or not I want to go to A-kon. And working for 2 hours once a week. Can't forget the only contact with the outside world I've had.

The new Digital Devil Saga game is cool. I don't know if I'm getting into it as much as I did w/STM:Nocturne, though. The story is awesome, and I'm playing to find out what happens next, but the gameplay isnt' grabbing me as much. The battle system is very similar, but the way your party works is different. No more collecting demons, which I really enjoyed. (To be fair, I haven't finished my Demikids game at all, and I have played both Persona 1& 2, though not all the way through. Loved the music for the blue velvet room. Dont' remember much else. I should go back and play those through) I kind of miss that in DDS, despite the available character customization. I'm getting somthing that was sorely missed in SMT:N- namely the ability to change my skills on my main character whenever I want. And if Rebby dies, the game's not over. So that's great. Rebby was the nickname of my hero in SMT:N. :P It's a little give & take, but I can live with it. However, since the battles just arn't doing it for me, I find my self swearing up a storm every 2 steps, when I get a random battle. I don't want to fight. I just want to see the cutscenes and see how the story ends :/ Or doesn't.. since the sequel is coming out in August.


Anyway. I like it. It's fun. I'll probably do what I did with SMT:N and get all the way to the last boss, not beat it, and pretend I finished it and put it away for a while. My sole reason for not beating SMT:N is because I havne't conquered it. I don't have all the demons I wand because Rebby is only like lvl 83, and needs to be 99 with a full demonic compendium. BLAH. I did lock in my ending in the tower after kicking ass in the labyrinth. So, since I have to fight Lucifer in there somewhere, I probably couldn't beat it if I wanted to. I hear he's insanely difficult, and I haven't mastered pierce from Margoreh or whatever yet.

I've also been playing more Phantom Brave. I have Etna, Flonne, prinnies, and Laharl now. I'll have to get another 100 levels before I can get Midboss and Myao though. IT's somthing I kind of work on over the years -..-

Things I'm waiting for:

Should be Curse of Darkness and whatever the hell the nin DS beast is going to be called. Both coming out this year I hope???

Phantom Kingdom. New game from Nippon Ichi. I know all the Marle Kingdom games almost immediately because of the character artist that does them. And while they've really moved far far away from the Marle kingdom, it's still like the same kinda family.. and stuff...

Atlus is bringing out Stella Deus over here, and there's also a new Nippon Ichi strat (unrelated to the other lump) coming out soon...

Oh yeah.. and the new Aetleir game is coming to the US. WTF. I have it pre-ordered.

I do nothing but play videogames, sew, & bitch& moan and somehow I don't have enough time to play all these things..
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