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Storytime! (kinda.. and with embarassing pictures, too!)

Today I wanted to rant about piracy for a while, since the issue came up at work yesterday when I was picking up my copy of DDS, but I've decided not to. Sometimes I think that if I post too many times in one day, no one will read any of them, so I'm saving the bootleg anime DVD rant for later when I want to update, but can't think of anything to say :P
I've been trying to clean the back end of the house by the dining room table again. It's a disaster, really. I have boxes left over from when mom moved out of the house in the valley, and sewing stuff everywhere. There were about 7-8 boxes, and I cut it down to 4 before I got too sentimental and wanted to keep anything. Today, I'm going through them again and throwing out more. It gets a little easier every time, but I still can't throw away yearbooks and some other stuff. Yearbooks are hard to throw away, because it's already a whole year condensed in one place. They don't take up too much room, so I'll probably just keep them, despite how horrible highschool was.
I decided I'd scan some pages in for you guys to laugh at, though. Maybe I'll do somthing artsy with them later, like draw moustaches and horns on all my photos and turn them into a moving gif or sothing like that :P
In any case, I got bored after second grade, but you guys still get a show.
After all, IMO, it's easier to see where a person is coming from when you can see where they've been.
Enough of making no sense. Kindergarten!

I went to a Lutheran perochial school from pre-school through 3rd grade. I was born in Wisconsin, but when I was about 1 or 2, we moved to Des Moines, Iowa. So I don't remember Wisconsin very well, but I still say that's where I'm from, since I still have a lot of family there. The perochial school I went to was awesome. It was just your run-of-the-mill christian school, but almost all of my memories from that time are fond ones. Everyone was so nice, and I learned many things. Like, while I only eat oyster crackers once ever 5 years or so, I really love them. I used to eat them in chili at the cafeteria. Chili day was great. :)
Incidentally, some of my more unpleasant memories of that school were really kind of funny anyay. I always got marks counted against me for talking in class, and I swear I spent my first two years of school there with my head down on the table in the cafeteria during recess. I didn't get to see what recess was like until I learned to behave myself a little better. XD So you see, my mouth has been getting me in trouble for as long as I can remember. I cropped the names out, but here's a color-coded look at my kindergarten year.

Purple- I remember I went to a large birthday party at this guy's house. I think my entire kindergarten class was there, as well as a few neighborhood kids. This was the first time I could remember seeing male genitalia. This guy went to the bathroom, and when he came out, he was scratching himself and his pants were down. He got in a lot of trouble for wandering around like that, and all the girls in class laughed and couldn't beleive what he'd done. It was either embarassing for him, or he was very evil. I'm going for the evil thing, myself.

Green- She was the popular girl. She had really long hair, and my first crush had a crush on her. (Did that make sense) He used to tease her relentlessly, too. It was hilarious. I remember sitting across from her while the guy I liked sat behind her. He used to get in trouble for pulling her hair. But... he wasn't just flat-out tugging on it. She used to wear her hair in two long braids, and he'd grab one in each hand, whip them around, and yell "yee-haw!"
I'm pretty sure he didn't get his recess for that.

Left of green- I didn't mark her because I forgot. I used to get in fights with her a lot. I think the other girls did, too. I think the kids picked on her for being heavier than the other girls. She used to scream at the top of her lungs and say "Fat girls grow up to be skinny, and skinny girls grow up to be fat!! You will all be fat!!!" In retrospect, she cursed me that day :P

Blue- Well.. uh.. that's me. I got in trouble a lot for talking in class, but no one ever really stayed mad at me. I remember my teachers were always kind and patient and let me know that they didn't *want* to give me detention, but I would always talk to people while they were trying to teach :P

Orange- This poor girl.. She used to get teased a lot, too. She sat by herself at lunch because she ate white rasins. Everyone else was used to black rasins, and she got teased that the green ones looked like boogers. I remember that I picked on her a little too, saying the rasins were gross. To this day, I regret being so mean :(

Yellow- Best freind of the crush I mentioned earlier. I remember one time he was riding the seesaw with the crush, and bonked his face on the silver handlebars. He lost a tooth because of that, but I think they put it back in. I don't remember :O I also remember hearing a story that he got his ear caught on a trailer hitch and nearly ripped in half.

Sorry, crush guy isn't in the kinder picture, and I don't remember why. Maybe he transferred?

Oh! And to be completely fair.... One of myy brothers is a year younger than me and also attended this school. So, he was in pre-school when I was in kinder :) The other one had not been born yet, but I don't know that many of you have met him. Most of you know the one I have decided to embarass, though :D

First grade!
Here's the class roster again

Some of the faces have changed, and many stayed the same. I don't remember a whole lot about first grade. I didn't bother color coding this one, though, because I apparently did it when I got the yearbook >..>

The two girls circled were freinds. The one with the little twirly cloud-looking swirl thing was my best freind :)

The crush guy is marked kind of obviously -..- Kind of embarassing....
We used to hang out a lot during recess and talk. I used to play soccer with the guys, and beat some of them at their own game. The other kids used to yell the "K*I*S*S*I*N*G" song as we'd walk past, and we'd laugh at them. I was a kid. Of course I wasn't interested in a boyfreind :P I loved talking to him, though, and he made me laugh, so I consider him my first crush. He liked the popular girl, but that never bothered me, though.. hahahaha

And I have the sticker next to my face. How festive! Not a whole lot to say about First grade. In any case, here's the obligatory embarassing photo of my brother.
I might add that while he is a year younger than me, he was two years behind me in school. When I started kinder, he started pre-school.
When I started first grade... he got to do pre-school all over again.. hahaha
He was held back because of some new age-related policy, and since he was born after November X, he had to repeat. I used to tease him about that a lot, but I don't think it ever bothered him, becasuse he used to laugh about it too.

Well kids, this is about where I got lazy. I didn't scan much of anything for second grade. I couldn't think of much to say, either (Kinder was best anyway :P ) and most of the things I had to say about people I mentioned Kinder year.
I scanned in my yearbook photo, though, because it's kind of important.

Makoto and I used to oke about how silly anime characters were, because Anime Plot Device #1 always seemed to be "Add more character depth by creating one traumatizing childhood event that shaped the rest of the character's life forever." Totally absurd, right? A personality is certainly shaped by the sum of a lifetime of experiences, and not one moment. But... I have to admit, certain things stick with you.

When I was little, I used to have long hair that went down to around my butt. It was great and cute and whatever, but I couldn't brush it correctly. I didn't really know how, and I'd always just brush the top out while the hair underneath would get really ratty. So, my mom would brush my hair. But she wasn't gentle.
She was the devil incarnate with a hairbrush in her hand.
I remember she used to threaten me to brush my hair correctly, or she'd have to brush it. That was like a threat on my life. If she had to come over and brush my hair for me, I'd be in tears until she was finished. It hurt like a bitch! She's tell me about how I'd get used to it, and that my roots would get stronger and it wouldn't hurt anymore.. but goddamn!

Finally, she got tired of it all and said "If you cry one more time when I brush your hair, I am cutting it all off."

Well... she ended up having to brush my hair again.. and it hurt like a bitch again.. so I cried again.. and she chopped it all off. It was shorter than most of the boy's haircuts in my class. (This was the 80's. Viva la bad hair)
I was traumatized. I told my mom I hated it and wanted to wear a paper bag over my head for the rest of my life.
She cut it all off in the summer, though, so by the time it started to get really hot, I started to really enjoy the short hair because I could feel the wind on my neck, and it wasn't so hot. When I really little, and had long hair, I had enough trouble brushing it. I didn't know what to do with it, and ID idnt' know how to put my hair in a ponytail to keep it off my neck.

Since then, though, I vowed to grow it out. I should find all my old Jr. High school IDs and scan those in so you can see my hair grow. It was cut in second grade, and I don't think I was able to get it completely grown out again until I graduated from highschool. That's really the only tricky thing about long hair. When you get it cut, you have to get a lot cut off each time to get rid of the damage at the end. But the more you grow it and cut it, etc, the easier it gets to grow it out. I think that if I cut my hair shoulder-length now, I would be able to grow it out in a few years instead of as long as it took me the first time...

But now you know why I have long hair, don't want to cut it, and always wear it in a ponytail. How lame, right? :D


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