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Oh! And in other news...

Bought Digital Devil Saga today. I now understand why there is a retardedly huge box+ slipcover with this "delux edition" (HAHAHAHAHA retarded...) It's becase the slipcase has enough room for the 1st and 2nd game's cases. Yay. Talk about suggestive sells. Hahaha. YOU NEED THE SEQUEL. YOU HAVEN'T BEATEN THIS ONE YET, BUT YOU NEED THE SEQUEL. (It comes out in August. Yay!)

It's pretty funny, though, because I read in one review "omg they got rid of the press turn system yay." But you know what? I liked the press turn system, and the battle system is exactly the same as SMT Nocturne. So whatever.
Instead of collecting& fusing demons (which I also enjoyed) you focus on developing a party. With...
The sphere grid system from FFX :O
Well, not quite, but it's really similar. (I liked the sphere system too, so the game mechanics are going over really well with me)

I'm only about an hour and a half into the game so far, but it's pretty cool. The story and world are very interesting so far. Everything is spackled with Hinduism, which gives it both atmosphere, and makes me cringe. Example: Your EXP in this game is called Karma. You need to build Karma to become an Uber powerful fighting machine!!!!!111oneoneone

>..> So.. I can see why they named things the way they did, but I don't really completely agree. For the most part, the ties are subtle and they're not hammering it in you, so it's not as bad as it could be. I think it's really funny how the magazines offering sneak peaks and previews kept hailing this game as somthing new and fresh when it's just the same SMT stuff in a new vessel. Which, BTW, is completely fine with me :)
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