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05 April 2005 @ 01:23 am
Help for you girls, if you are still going through with it...  
Saved for posterity and the fact that there's actually a PATTERN for the jacket I want to make

And this site is great too

Gah.. gotta work tomorrow.
Hopefully I'll be through with this icky sick feeling by then. Congestion's almost gone, and I have my voice back. Very important.
Current Mood: sicksick
Makotokinomakoto on April 6th, 2005 03:45 am (UTC)
wai! looks cool. :) i loooooove long jackets.
Ringoapplcheeks on April 6th, 2005 03:48 am (UTC)
Sweet! We will be fabulous, with our fabulous jacket-ness. ^_^