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Top 10 reasons why I love my Gogo costume:

1. I get to wear a crapload of fabrics that have no practical purpose in everyday life

2. I got to use up a ton of my remnants, and buy more

3. Fun with whiteface! The makeup always has the same colors, but I get to use different gems, etc

4. It's warm when it's cold out.

5. It's actually super comfortable!

6. With the exception of underwear, I made every garment on there :O

7. The fiberglass turned out awesome.

8. It covers my face so most people don't know who I am. I can walk around behind people I know and laugh at them until they figure things out.

9. I can make faces at people while I'm talking to them, and they won't know. I can even make faces at people when I pass by and they won't know. HAHAHA

10. It's a tribute to the greatest Final Fantasy game ever, (sorry celine) and even if it's not instantly recognizable, the people who do recognize it freak out and get all happy. XD

10 reasons why I hate Gogo:

1-10: It's warm when it's hot out, too :(


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