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I finally got my new sewing machine in! Yesterday! Ok, yesterday was supposed to be my last day of sewing before the con. I'm really trying to break the habit of sewing my ass off the day before the con, so I now consider two days before the con as the last day of sewing. I was happy the machine came in, because I was preparing to get a refund on the damned thing for taking 3 weeks to arrive. I'm glad I didn't, though, because this machine is so cool! I still don't know what I'm going to name it yet, though. Maybe I will just be lame and name it "Shinbashi Mach 2" In any case.. since I have the new machine, I've decided to use it to it's fullest, and finish some costumes today. That's right, today. Yesterday was supposed to be my last day of sewing, but to be completely honest, I haven't done anything. XD haha. So, today, I am going to sew my ass off. That day I mentioned washing my Tsunade wig, I did so, and I also finished styling the Shiina wig. I read on the KKC BBS that there were going to be Tales of Symphonia costumers at KKC, so I figured I HAD to finish this Shiina costume, since it's almost done anyway :P So, with my new machine, I was able to quickly finish the details on the faux-shoulder bands, and make the sleeves. Next, I'm going to make the boot covers and put trim on everything. Then, I can make the belt& bow& Shiina will be finished! That should give me some time to sew some jackets (since they're very simple) pack, and go through the Iron Cosplay crap. I've been staying up really late lately, so I'm not worried about the fact that it's 5:30 PM. This is like 12 noon for me :P

Later tonight, I need to hit up HEB with celine and get a few groceries. I don't know if we will be rooming with strangers, but I'm not bringing a whole lot of crap. Just a little food and some drinks. Gotta try and pack light this con, too. I see my dad tomorrow, to. I'm happy about that, but I'm also a little nervous. I know I've gained more weight since I've seen him last, and I really don't want him saying anything. I feel like crap as it is, and I don't think he could say anything can make me try harder than I already am to get it under control. It'll just make me feel like crap :/

Anyway... Just thought I'd update on costume status. The Shiina boot covers may end up a little ghetto. I've been having problems with them. Have to wait and see. I might have to go to Jo Ann's and pick up some tiny belt buckles and white piping if I'm out. That'll set the costume completion back. But damnit, it's gotta get done today. I don't want to sew in the car. (though.. I may, if I have to. It's a 4 hour trip XP)

Oh yeah! Sony PsP launched today. I got one last night at midnight.
I picked up the Darkstalkers Chaos Tower& the Dynasty warriors games. The Darkstalkers was mostly for me, and the Dynasty Warriors was for AKuma since his Untold Legends didn't release in time :(
This system is really cool!

Ok, gah. I need to sew.


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