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Today I got some housework done. Kitty poo zapped, dishes washed, etcetc.

The drain in the shower had been going kind of slow lately, and I knew it was time for somthing disgusting. Usually Akuma bites the bullet and does it, but today I figured I would. I unscrewed the little metal plate on top the shower, and took a length of floral wire down there, and dredged up some of the most disgusting stuff I've seen in months. Oh, it wsa gross. You always thing hairballs are just going to be disgusting hairy things with bits of lint, etc thrown in for good measure. I should have taken a picture of this gunk for you. It was grey and slimy. Since it was in the tub, the hair kind of worked as an extra filter, and caught months worth of dirt and soap in there, making it big and grey and slimey. It made a sickening sucking noise as I prized it out of there. Oh boy. At least now when I shower, I won't be ankle-deep in water that can't get through due to the small slimey animal growing in the drain.

Today is Tuesday. I essentially have two sewing days before the con. I haven't started anything.

I really feel like a bum. I don't feel like working on any personal projects, and I don't have any commissions right now. (Been avoiding them like the plauge lately.. I wonder why........ -..-)

I think either tonight or tomorrow, I will cut out as many Ed jackets as I can, and start a production line going with those. I also have to decide what I will wear to the con. I also need to hit up the dollar store for prizes and theme ingredients, though I may way until Thursday to do that with celine when she gets here. I bought some prizes already.. hahah. PEEPS. I figure since this con ends on Easter, I might as well give out the most ghetto easter candy ever. Marshmallow peeps. I couldn't find any yellow ones, though!!! So I have purple and blue.

Costumes for Kamikaze:

Shiina (if finished)
Noble? (You know.. easter spirit? hahahaha)

Possibly Izumi, though I have been meaning to overhaul her shirt, and re-do some of the seams. Maybe I should wait until KT visits. I can pick apart the inside seams, and re-do them all with her serger. :O Then, they won't pucker funny because I had to roll the seams to keep them from fraying :X (BTW- the top is white. Bring white thread.. :X) I figure I might as well wear Izumi, though, because I have to bring the black mousse if I wear Shiina. I need to use it on the back of my hair so that when the wig tugs upwards with wear, I won't have that funky hair line you see in the photos from earlier. I mean.. wigs don't have that sort of hairline in the back anyway, so it's inevitable anyway.

I figure... Gogo on Friday, since it's surprisingly easy to wear, super comfy, and doesn't take all THAT long to put on. I just have whiteface and purple around my eyes, and I don't have to do lips or hair. If I get tired of it, I could wear Noble or Izumi in the evening.
Yu~ki saturday morning and afternoon.
If Shiina is finished, Shiina in evening for cosplay events
If ANY costumes on Sunday, Noble or Izumi

That should have me set. If I can get Shiina done, that's one new costume for the con, and makes me happy.
The others are all staple con wear now, with the exception of Yu~ki.. whom I have schlepped to every con since A-kon last year (Animefest, Ushicon) and have not had a chance to wear again. (Didn't have staff at Animefest, Didn't have time for makeup at Ushicon)

I'd really love to get some more wear out of Tsunade, since I finally have the necklace. However, I'm very unhappy with the Tsunade wig right now, and I was NEVER happy with the jacket. I should try washing the wig tonight, and maybe take some time to re-do the collar on her jacket. It's a really comfortable costume, and I love it to death. I'm just not that happy with how tight that stupid wig is around the hairline. I get horrible headaches from it, and it's really ratty right now from having to be re-styled so much. I think I'll probably work on that tonight.. since I like the costume so much. I should make a hokage hat and be SUPER SPOILER TSUNADE. HAHAHAHAAH

Gah. It works out so well in my head, but when it comes to motivation, I'm toast. I'll probably just watch "White collar worker Kintaro" while biking.


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