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I'm almost done cleaning out the computer room. Or at least to an acceptable stopping point. I found a bag on the floor in the corner. It was sitting under the shelves that house our computer paper, and I'd never really paid any attention to it before.
When I opened it up, it was like a little time capsule to the summer of 2000. D: It had all of our old GenCon stuff, from when we went to GenCon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and visited my family up there. It was kinda cool, but mostly scary that somthing could be sitting in the corner for 5 years, and I'd never notice it. IT makes me want to clean out the closet in this room.

I also found a Computer Gaming World magazine from Feb. 1998. It had a sneak peek for Diablo II on PC.


I've felt like crap the past two days, but I'm feeling a little better today, and I want to get some progress done with the house. I should be sewing. Maybe I'll get my new machine tomorrow.

KT needs to visit me and make me work on costumes :X

Edit: Did I mention new costume ideas? I know.. I'm procrastinating on this one I'd started back when Tales of Symphonia came out.. but on the A-kon BBS, there's talks of a massive Violinist of Hamelin group meeting up, and I'm starting to give serious thought to a Sizer costume again.... I see huge blocks of pink foam in my future...


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