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GAAHAHHH Procrastination!

I've been cleaning the computer room. I got another section done today! I can't do the whole room at once, because I start sneezing like mad. There is too much dust on some of the monitors, etc, that when I clean around things and stir it up, it drives my allergies crazy. The cat's favorite nesting spots do that too -..-

Need. to. sew.


I'm so unmotivated. I was looking through past LJ posts and reflecting on things this afternoon, trying to get inspiration. I've come to the conclusion that I did a massive ammount of growing and changing my first 5 years here in Waco. I went through college, dated, worked various jobs, settled down, got married, got a house, started sewing, etc. And right now things are quiet. I haven't been growing as much as I guess I wanted to, and I'm still closer to the same person I was two years ago than I thought I'd be. I can't say that it's bad, or that it's good. I'm just surprised that I haven't changed as much as I might have thought I would.

That being said... I love looking through old livejournal entries. Like when I was super excited about seeing trailers for Spider Man 2. Now I'm just excited to see the DVD on the shelf. Because I'm that kind of dork.

And I love looking at old cosplay photos of things in-progress. Sometimes it really inspires me to get working! And somtimes I just giggle.
This photo always makes me laugh. I love it, and it's the best photo ever. I found it again today, and I gigged. A lot. I still only kinda feel like sewing. I feel like I'm feeling guilted into it or somthing. Like I should sew but I don't want to. Maybe it's because I can't find my interfacing and I'm pissy. Who knows?? That photo is still awesome. And makes me want to giggle. I love that wig.


Worst part is.. there's not a lot of nasty sewing left on Shiina. There's really not a whole lot of DIFFICULT sewing left on Shiina. I even almost finished that crazy wig. WTF. I need to get motivated.


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