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Dear New Zealand- That wine I bought two days ago sucked!

Yesterday I cooked Akuma the promised dinner, and I wanted some white wine to cook with. When I was at the store, I was looking for somthing cheap that would taste decent.. so I could cook a little and drink a little.. and then drink a little more... :X
And there was one that sounded interesting from NZ. And I thought. Hey, Frij is from NZ, and he's a cool guy. Maybe the wine is too.

oh no

It was one of the worst whites I'd ever had. I swear the whole bottle tasted like the cork, and left the most horrid aftertaste in your mouth T..T NEVER AGAIN, NEW ZEALAND!
(I blame you, Frij :P )

Today I'm feeling productive. I decided to try and clean out the computer room, because it's NEVER clean. I got a corner cleaned out before I started sneezing my head off. The upside is.. I found two seperate peices of paper I had written Makoto's address on. Which is good.. because I STILL need to mail her boxes out. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. I need to really clean this place out. I don't know if it's the spring cleaning bug or what, but I feel like I am surrounded by too much clutter. Some of it is good clutter, but most of it is bad clutter :(

Oh yeah! When I was cooking last night.. I found the most disgusting thing ever! Wanna hear?
I found an ant nest in the house
Oh god.
That explains why they were always turning up in the kitchen at least.. even all the extreme measures we'd gone to get rid of them. They had set up a little camp in a roll of parchment paper. I don't bake THAT much, but I do like to keep it around. And I guess it was rolled losely enough for them to think it was the perfect spot to live. The way it looked, though, it reminded me entirely too much of the glow stick incident. That's roughly when we started noticing ant problems... so I hope to god we arn't still dealing with problems from that crappy ebay transaction.

So, today, I plan on emptying out all the kitchen counters, cleaning them out thoroughly, and seeing if I can't keep them out of there. We may have to call Orkin down again to spray or somthing.

We've been getting rid of ANYTHING that might touch the house, from leaves to tall grass to vines, etc. We're trying our hardest to keep them from getting in.. and Orkin is putting a chemical barrier around the house.. but the last thing we need are ants living INSIDE the house and circumventing all our hard work to kick their asses outside.


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