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Shinbashi is back!

I finally got a call from Bernina's today.. so now I have no good excuse for not sewing. And... it works fine! I wish I know what the repair dude did.. because I'd like to be able to do it myself in the future, instead of dumping 60 bucks on it XP

I wasn't able to get my new machine today, though. The price turned out to be 499, not 399. I may have had that mixed up with how much they were marking off, or the price on some other machine. I looked at a lot of machines that day. Anyway... they only had one Bernette 80e in, and it was the display model. Sorry for being picky, but I don't want the machine that has been on display for a few months. I want one new, in package, that has never been used. Not even as a tester. So, I have to wait at least a week or two until they get more in. I had them order one for me, though, and I pre-paid in advance so that I would get the sale price on it. Apparently these ladies get commission, too.. because she had to put the name of the woman who helped me the other day on the sale. Weird. Who cares? New machine on the way.

I was pretty excited about getting Shinbashi back, though, so I started sewing on Shiina again right away. I need to finish Shiina and a bunch of those damned Ed capes so that I can think about Takako.

Also, there was some huuuuge drama on cosplay this morning. Apparently, the lovely people from the new group cosplayfucks came to visit and promote their new community, wherein users post photos of people in costume that they think are fat and ugly for the other members to laugh at. That didn't go over very well. When it was all said and done, the poster was banned from cosplay for breaking 4 community rules. I hope they get banned from LJ as well, as they broke some of the LJ TOS rules as well by creating that community. That's not the kind of attitude that helps anyone at all.
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