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Where are you, Shinbashi?!?!

So.. I took my sewing machine in to get repaired on Tuesday. I was expecting to hear back from Bernina today, but I haven't heard anything yet. I'm getting antsy.

When I took the machine in, they said there was somthing messed up with my tension. HELLO!!! That's what I've been telling everyone and their dog for years now. They also said my timing was off, and that they might have to replace the whole timing assembly. But it'll be cheap.. maybe 15 bucks for the timing assembly, and no more than 6 bucks for the tension. So.. maybe 75 bucks when it's all said and done...


I called my mom and told her about it.. since it's still technically her machine. She sounded like she didn't want it back at all until I told her I was paying to have it fixed. Then she said she'd take it back XP

And why am I dumping Shinbashi?

Well, when I took the machine in, the Bernina people basically told me I'd be much better off with a new machine. So did Ringo. And Akuma just said "well, if you want one, you can have one you know...." >..> Gee Akuma, make it hard for me :P
Anyway... the Bernina people wanted me to test out machines, and I agreed. They said they could give me trade in credit on my old machine. Whee! I was kind of wary, because I know that my mother in law doesn't really like her new brother machine. Especially since it's all plastic parts, etc. Not nice and sturdy metal like her old one and my Nelco. Bernina had a new all-metal machine I *REALLY* liked. A nice sturdy workhorse machine that could take a lot of punishment. But it was 1,000 dollars.

Holy crap!

So yeah.. bye bye metal clunker, you won't be coming home with me...

Turns out Bernina is having a huge spring sale that started on Weds, though... and this machine is going on sale for 399 dollars. I think they said the msrp is 799, so it's quite a markdown. I've always heard that Bernina machines are nice...

To be completely honest, I've always wanted a Singer, but Singer went out of business and sold the sewing machine company off to someone else.. so Singer doesn't make Singer sewing machines anymore. (Don't remember where I read that. I think it was one of the costuming LJs)
Bernina has another model that's 100 dollars more, but I think the only difference is a few more stitches and electronics. I don't want electronics.

Anyway.. I think I am getting a new sewing machine tomorrow.
Those Bernina ladies are REALLY freakin crazy, though.. so we'll see. They tried selling me these stupid sewing tables and 60 dollar machine feet (for upholstery cording. Very useful.. but 60 bucks? WTF??) so I have to make sure they don't try and shove off a bunch of stuff on me.

Because of this, however, I've managed to con my mother out of her serger :P
I called her to ask her advice about getting the new machine. She agreed that it was a good idea. When I told her she could have her other machine back, I asked her if I could borrow the serger. She said she doesn't sew anymore, and that it was really dirty. I don't think she wanted to give it up, because when I asked her if I could borrow it a few years ago, she flat out said no! :P Anyway.. she says the serger is in pretty bad shape. It makes me kind of depressed, too, because I'm spending all this money to get her machine fixed, give it back to her, and now I'm going to have to pay to get the serger fixed before I can even learn to use it. XP

But... I'll get to learn how to use a serger! This makes me incredibly happy, and opens up a huge window of opportunity. Just think of how much faster I could get projects done if I could serge all the hems! OMG!


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