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I feel like I should be productive today, but today is almost over

I did a 10 min session up a hill on my bike today, and I'm going to do another one tonight before I go to bed. I'm going to try an easier program and go for 15 min, but I think it will be a while before I can sit down and go 30 min without getting exhausted. Working with an exercize bike is actually quite a bit more strenuous than actually riding one.. since when I am riding a real bike, I don't spend all my time pedling like I'm being chased by a lion.

The sewing table is nice and clean right now, so I feel like I should be working on costumes. I want to get Shiina done well before the con.. so I need to have it done.. in two weeks, right? And I need to make Ed jackets for myself and freinds. It's been so long since I've had a real cosplay night, I don't remember how I was ever that productive. I should make a commitment to try and finish at least the base kimono top for Shiina tonight. That should have me more motivated when it comes to making the long gauntlets& the stretchy black sleeve parts. After that.. it's buy pants, finish boots, make obi& finish wig. Though, I may make the obi early just because I'm really eager to see how that pink satin taffeta I bought works out. It looks so nice. I think the fabrics on this costume are going to look really great together.
Oh yeah, and I need to make a few multi-colored ofuda for this costume. I love ninjas.

I rented the Grudge the other day, but I haven't watched it yet. Maybe I can sit down and work on cosplay stuff and watch it... then after I get out of work tomorrow, I can drop my rentals off and buy Porco Rosso& Naussicaa, and go grocery shopping. I'm out of veggies. :( (They don't last me very long anyway, because I'm a total cauliflower hog, but it's better than eating that quantity of somthing fried)

Well, I guess I should get to work on somthing. I can't mail anything until monday, and there's a limit to what I can shove in the trash can for tomorrow. Might as well sew.


HAHAHAHAH I can't do jack shit! This sewing machine is a hunk of junk. I will have to take it in on Tues, and get it back on Thurs. God..I hate it when it does this...
I'm going to take photos and maybe crosspost them around to see WHY it is doing what it ALWAYS does. When I took it in to be serviced, it was great for a few months, and then started acting up again. Oh well. It's time to take it in again anyway, but it just pisses me off that it does this all the time. Maybe I should give it back to mom, let her have a hernia over it, and finally buy one of my own. (Though, after having comandeered it for over 4 years, paid the hefty 50-or so bucks to have it serviced, and cranked out hundreds of hours of sewing on it, I've pretty much claimed it as my own, and mom hasn't asked about it since I asked her if I could have her serger, too) Time to shell out another 50, though. It's like.. goddamn... why don't you just buy a new machine ever 4 years instead of maintaining the same one? It would be the same expense either way. It's very hard for me to see a machine as an investment when over the space of 4 years, you dump the cost of a new machine into repairing an old one. (Assuming you bring it in at least once a year for 4 years... 200 bucks will get you a decent machine.....)


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