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Shiina wig trial wear!

So, I'm looking at my 1/2 finished Shiina costume, feeling pretty motivated to work on it, and I decide to put the wig on to make sure everything fits correctly.
I'm really happy with the way it is wearing. It's understandably back-heavy, and has a tendancy to slip, but I DID leave enough room for stretch, so I don't have to worry about that with this wig. I have noticed, however, that it's going to take a LOT of pins to keep right, since it likes to slide from both the front and the back. I'm going to have to buy more pins to keep it on correctly. This is also a costume where I will probably have to mousse and color the back of my hairline so that any slippage isn't noticable. THis isn't a big deal, since I have darker hair anyway, and I also have that great temp hair coloring for Izumi.

I'm working on the top right now. I still need to make and install the neck band, and hopefully put a button or clasp or somthing under the bust so I'm not relying on the obi to keep the top shut. ( CLEAVAGE COSTUME!!! HAHAHAHAAH)
So in typical ghetto costume, I took some pictures to see how everything was wearing so far. So without further ado... some very silly photos with commentary.

Makeup test
Wig problems
Too much fabric here
Too much fabric here, too
I have shimmery eye powder that matches the fabric color!

Have I mentioned how much I love this fabric? It's the stuff I bought for the Nehelenia cape back when I thought I was making a Nehelenia costume. Before I realized how much that costume would cost for a good wig.. lol.
Anyway.. it's a light lavender. I think it's a poly-cotton blend, and it's SHIMMERY without being SHINY! I love it so much. It's nothing like satin, and it really has a texture to it. For the top, I had to line it and use heavy interfacing between the black lining and the lavender fabric.. just so I'd get the body and color I wanted, but it was worth it. I need to make the neckband, shorten those arms, add my darts, and attach everything, and then I'll be happy. Then, I have to make the boots, the obi, and the bow. I'm making a detachable bow here so I can add copper tubing to it for body, and keep it from wrinkling the obi up more than I want.
Anyway, that's all my progress for now.


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