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Cheering myself up with hard work

I have been feeling a little down lately for various reasons, so I thought I would start cleaning the house. I really can't explain it, but sitting in the couch after an afternoon of cleaning really makes me happy. I just like to wallow in my hard work and feel like I've accomplished somthing.

I started cleaning up some messes.. got the dishes going, and cleaned almost all the laundry off the couch. (which, incidentally, is where all laundry goes when I have company and need the guest bed. That was when Celine was visiting, and I have not moved the laundry since. hahahah)

I was almost done with the couch when I found my unfinished Shiina wig. I was trying to get the costume done for Ushi, but it didn't happen. It'll be done for Kamikaze, though. Along with a bajillion Edward Elric jackets. Don't ask.

In any case, the unfinished wig made me kind of sad. I was having problems trying to figure out how to attack the styrofoam to the bag of the wig. I decided that since Katie Bair uses a lot of styrofoam in her wigs, and they turn out marvelous, I wanted somthing similar for my Shiina wig. She's got this crazy ponytail that looks like the top of a pineapple. I figured I would need somthing like styrofoam to help get it to jut out far behind my head. I just couldn't figure out how to get the styrofoam to stay. After chatting with Ringo, we decided it might be best to glue some fabric onto the base of it with caulk, and then hand-stitch it to the back of the wig. I didn't want to sew straight through the styrofoam, because I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the thread would eat through the styrofoam, and the entire extension would pop off akwardly during wear.

So, I tried gluing fabric to the back and sewing it down, and it worked beautifully! (I think. Only a few hours of wear will tell for certain) I also finished caulking most of the wig and styling it. It needs just a little more floof in the bangs, and smoothing on the sides, though. I'm really happy with the results, so I thought I would show some pictures. I have a photo of me wearing the base wig for my little snow ghost costume @ halloween for reference.

Another shot

Anyway, you get the picture. A very short wig with long straight fibers.

With some time, bath/kitchen adhesive caulk, and a little patience, I was able to get it to this point today:

Another side
(Yes, that's the gogo cape in the background. I needed color to make the black hair show up since it's night and dark out.)

For references, check here and look for Shiina or somthing spelled similarly that sounds the same. She's the purple boob ninja.

The wig isn't 100% complete yet, though. I sewed it loosely enough so that it would be able to stretch and still maintain it's shape. I'm proud of that because I was very worried about giving the wig cap enough room to stretch over my melon. (This was a problem I overlooked while styling Eboshi) I still want to do a little more work with the caulk in smoothing the sides down so it's harder to tell they arn't all up in the ponytail, and to spread over the wig cap more evenly. My wig cap is black, though, so it's not going to be a huge deal. I also want to affix the half wig to the styrofoam a little better. But right now, it's at the point where you can tell what the finished product will look like, and it makes me happy :)


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