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I'm cursed! :P

My poor brother didn't win diddly squat on the cosplaylab lookalike contest this month.. lol
I hope he takes it well. His ego bruises easily XD

Not much else to say... working on stuff, getting ready for Kamikaze.

I'm working 11AM-7pm on superbowl sunday, though. This is because I dont' care about the superbowl. I'm maybe the only one. How retarded is that?


I'm in a rather random mood tonight.

A freind left one of those no-bake Jello cheesecakes here, so I decided to make it. I don't know how it's going to turn out. I imagine it's pretty hard to mess somthing like that up, but give me the opportunity, and I'll find a way.

I also made some pasta with alfredo sauce and shrimp. It was tasty. I pan-fried the shrimp in lemon juice, butter, and garlic, so they turned out really well. I would have added a little olive oil, but I'm all out and I forgot to get some at the store today. On well. Maybe tomorrow?


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