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General nonsense and my plan for the future.

Kamikazecon: March 25-27

Things to do by then:

Make 2-3 Ed jackets from Fullmetal Alchemist. More, time permitting. I want one, Celine wants one, someone else is paying for one, and I'd like to sell a few if I get a chance. Not commissions, since the jackets are nearly 1 size fits all, and I'm not making them for a specific person and/or mentally challenged monkey. (Because they're so big.. but it would be nice to sell a few for like 40-50 bucks ea and make some extra cash. Possibly 75 if I make them lined with a nice fabric. Celine and my other customer only have to pay cost, though. :P

Work on Gogo I have a feeling this will be a never-ending process. But...

Puu and I found a great deal @ goodwill today! I got a HUGE bag of crap jewelry for like... 7 bucks. It was 15 for the whole bag, and since I couldn't decide if I wanted it or not, I got half off. So yeah. Much bling, yo.

Work on Shiina I really want to finish this costume. I have EVERYTHING for it already, and I seriously want to finish SOME project with that fabric I bought.

Anyway.. that stuff definitely needs to happen.

I've been slowly changing my diet for what I hope will be for the better.
For the past 2-3 years, I have sworn off regular sodas and switched to diet. This has been ever since I did that Atkins thing for a while, and I continued with the sodas, since they're sugar free, and 0 calories, blahblahblah. Anyway.. I'd occassionally drink a regular soda at a restaurant, since diet coke is nasty. I'd also drink regular sodas in mixed drinks.. but obviously, those two things didn't happen all that often, so it wasn't too bad.

Now, I've decided all sodas need to go, period. I'm going to stop drinking diet sodas by just not buying them anymore. I will force myself to drink water, with the occassional coke or gatoraid or pitcher of crystal lite, etc. None of those happen that often, so I think they're ok exceptions. I've heard mixed things about whether diet sodas are really any better or worse than regular sodas.. because apparently your body still does somthing with that soda. The can says 0 calories, so I don't know. In any case.. they have artificial sweeteners and other crap I probably shouldn't be putting in my body, so I want to just stop it and drink water and see what happens.

I also want to stop snacking, but I don't know how to keep myself from being so hungry. It's such a challenge. I've started surrounding myself with healthier snack options. I noticed the other day that a serving of raw baby carrots only has 25 calories, and I was like "holy crap. I can eat two bags, be full, and have all of that for less than 1/3 of the calories of a candy bar." I don't eat candy bars. Period. But, I use that as a gauge of how unhealthy somthing is. A can of coke is like eating a candy bar. Candy bars are bad for you. A can of coke is bad for you. Etc.
So anyway.. I've been trying to have more raw veggies around the house. I love baby carrots and regular carrots and cauliflower, so I think I'll start with that. Maybe cucumbers, too.. but those don't last long. Cauliflower and carrots last for-freakin'-ever.

I also still have those weird herbal things from GNC that are supposed to help you eat less. They do- because they make you feel too sick to eat :P So yeah, those were total crap. They did what they said, but they made you fill ill.

Anyway.. I've decided against joining a health club. I decided that if I was going to be paying THAT MUCH per month to go to a gym, it would have to have exactly what I wanted. I want a place with a pool. The only place with a pool in town is the Y. The Y is much more expensive than Gold's. So screw that. This week, I'm looking to buy a spinner/stationary bike. I love those. They're cool. So then, I will be able to do somthing interesting, like watch anime... and spin around like a hamster till my heart's content. That with some more hard level DDR every night should get me into better shape. I hate it though. I can't stay motivated, and when I was DDRing all the time.. Akuma kept trying to cheer me on. He kept saying it was doing lots of good for me and that he could see a difference... but I couldn't. That's when it's easy to give up. I think the only reason I held on w/Atkins as long as I did was because I could pee on a strip and tell I was loosing weight. I almost want to go back on that diet despite how much I hated it.

I just want to be happy.


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