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Back from Ushi!

We just arrived in town, safe and sound. This con was pretty wild. I had a fun time, but my allergies (or somthing?) seemed to be out to get me. I woke up in the middle of the night on Friday with the WORST pressure/sinus headache I can ever remember having. I took some medication Sat night before I went to sleep.. and I think that helped, because I Didn't wake up in the middle of the night with sinus problems again.

Everything went pretty well. Iron Cosplay was very interesting... I'm going to really have to make it a point from now on to have more *mobile* costumes for the event. Having helpers is great, but I like to be able to talk and help set up and tear down, too.

Gogo went over REALLY well. There are photos up on Fansview.com... and I know that a lot of people got pictures of it, including Cosplay.com :)
The costume held up really well, even in high winds, being bumped into, etcetc. I only found a small handful of things that I'd need to change, so I'm happy. I also want to add more trim and fringe and cording and tassles and gems and decoration everywhere. I didn't get to finish my Chocobo, either.
I was really amazed by h ow many people recognized me. Don't ask why. I know FF6 is the best FF game ever :P Someone thought I was CID, though.. which is pretty funny. CID's outfit is all yellow with a little red.
Someone also came up to me and said my color scheme was wrong.. but whatever. I played the game and looked at reference photos, so I know :P

I'll try to upload my photos later, since it was really windy and we got a few great ones. Until then, you can see the ones from the other sites out there :D
Here's a fun one taken candidly by fansview.com
And here's one I posed for XD


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