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Welcome to llave journal!

Post about B.O.

....I need some sleep.

Gogo has to be done tomorrow. HAS TO.

I put the cape together tonight. Well, most of it. The lining and outer peice are together now. Considering how huge it is, I think of that as a major accomplishment. The back panel is on now, too. It's the one with the chocobo on it. Except right now, it has no chocobo. I don't know if I will have time to do it tomorrow. Probably not.. in which case I will have to do it for Kamikaze or whatever con I go to next. And finish Shiina for said con. Yeah.

Anyway... checklist for Gogo?

~Cut and attach two side capelets. Have fabric for both of these now. Yay!

~Find a way to attach armor. Permenantly or whatever. Who cares

~Finish shoes. They're getting there

~omg make belt D:

~Put some sort of closure on vest, no matter how ghetto

If I have time, I would like to do the following:

~make wrist/hand guards out of red butterfly brocade
~Heraldic chocobo on back crest shaped cape panel
~More trim everywhere. Damn near everything already has beads, coins, etc on it, but I want MORE MORE MORE
~find lots of beaded necklaces, etc for costume
~clean up my sewing mess.

In any case.. I'm really tired :( I want to take more pictures.. but I'm also too tired to arrange everything on the dress form for pictures.. which is a shame, because my hat looks really fucking cool right now.


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