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Con time. Again.
It seems to catch me by surprise every con, no matter how much I try to prepare in advance. I've been preparing a special costume for a long time now, but I hadn't been doing any real work on it. Well, that's changing awfully quickly now that I don't have much time to work on things. I'm really hoping I can get it done in time for Ushi.. but if I can't, I'll have it done for A-kon.
I have so many big projects coming up, which is nice. I'm looking forward to getting REALLY dressed up again. The downside is that I haven't really felt like sewing much since my last commission. Maybe it's because I feel like I never got to "finish" it in the sense that I wasn't able to see it from concept to presentation. I couldn't finish it, rush it to a con, and wear it for everyone to see. I had to finish it and mail it off. It's like I never got to see the finished product. So it feels like I have unfinished projects floating around. The guy says he's going to be at Ushi, so I'll get a few photos then. And smack him if he doesn't put it on correctly. Yup.

If I don't finish this project for Ushi, and I have to wear it for A-kon, I'll be making another costume from the same game for my brother, so we can pose together. It also gives me an idea for a hilarious skit. I haven't competed in any sort of contest in quite a while, though- Since Millenia. I feel that I've gone beyond any sort of interest in competitive costuming because there are so many petty people who do it for the wrong reasons. Since the cons consider the maquarade entertainment, it also leads to a flawwed judging system in which good costumes are not recognized, and people are awarded based on how much they amuse the audience.
Personally, I feel very privilaged that AF keeps bringing me back to judge the masquerade, because I get to aknowledge that extra work and excellent costuming even if they are just a walk on. It's hard, though. There was a dude at AF that had an EXCELLENT wolf's rain costume, and didn't get any sort of nod. My award went to a Sesshoumaru from Inu yasha because it was a more complex costume, and very cool. But the guy from wolf's rain totally kicked ass because he LOOKED the part. His garments all looked like worn leather, and he looked somehow.. authentic..? If I had seen him after the contest, I would have gone up to him and told him just how awesome I thought it was, but I didn't see him :(
Anyway.. I'm babbling.

I'm trying to get my Shiina costume from Tales of Symphonia finished. I don't know if it will be or not, but I'm going to try. I SHOULD be able to get it done, but ATM, I really only have a week to do everything, and I'm running into problems with the wig. The wigs are fine, but I'm having trouble attaching my styrofoam to the wig cap. I've taken a break from that and decided to work on the rest of it when I'm taking Gogo breaks. I'm not entirely sure what I will have done for this con, but I have 3 costumes I definitely plan on bringing:

Izumi (with some modifications. I'm not 100% happy with how the shirt fits. That may not happen due to time restrictions, though) It's still one of my favorite costumes :D

Tsunade It's only been worn once. I haven't watched ANY more Naruto since AF, so she might even be dead by now or somthing.. lol But I have my necklace in finally, so I have to wear it. I was going to remake the jacket, but there's no time.

Yu~ki Only been worn once, and I've added on to/improved it since then. I keep forgetting/forgetting to wear costume peices for it, though. So I need to wear it again, nail the makeup, and take some good photos.

Other than that.. who knows? I was thinking about bringing Chacha again, but I wore that last year :P What are we wearing for Iron Cosplay, girls??

I'm also lending Babbit and Mog to Puu. Hopefully if I finish Gogo, I'll have a cute moglet to hang out with me.

I really want to try and pack light for this con. May not have many costumes this time around. I hope to party with Kamikazecon again, though.

Oh yeah.. Makoto& Ringo really wanted photos. I took a few. But I'm too lazy to upload them. I'll upload tomorrow, when I have a ton more garments to show off. That'll make things simpler. Or, you guys can just see the finished product at the con.. HAHAHAHA


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