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Tired update

I think I'm about to go back to being a hermit for a while again, so I'll make one more post for the week/month/whatever.

The New Year's party went over really well. Just really good freinds, great food& alcohol, and no drama!! I usually pride myself that there's no drama at my parties, but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. I feel that because the New Year's gathering was very small and intimate, there wasn't really any cause for drama.
I had lots of fun, and finally got to meet Lysariala's fiancee. He was very nice and sweet, but definitely a fanboy :P The two make a really cute couple, though :) I can tell the two are very happy together, and I'm happy for them. Especially since he's in town now for what I think is "for good," and not just the holidays.

I spent a lot of time with Bevo, too. Love!

Today, I hung out with two good local freinds. I went to a local gym and looked at membership fees, etc. They have some nice facilities, and a managable monthly. They have a sauna, showers, changing rooms, lockers, a room for classes, and lots of equipment. They have music in the weight room, and TVs in front of the spinners and treadmills. It's pretty nice, but the downside is that they have no pool. The upside is that they are 24 hours during the week. That's a pretty big deal to me. Unfortunately, they don't really have any sort of group program.. so if Akuma and I wanted to both go, he'd have to sign up as well. It's a 12 month contract..which is ok. I don't dislike it or have fondness for that. I figure if I'm going to go to through the trouble of joining a gym, I really need to utilize it. However.. I'd really like to get a chance to try it out for a while before I commit.. and the sales people there REALLY push you into a contract. I didn't let her back me into a corner. It's hard to do when you treat me like I'm inferior for being out of shape :P Other than the pushy sales lady, though, it seemed like a nice place.

Tomorrow after work, I'll be checking out a different gym... kinda. I'm going to the Y with the girl I was hanging out with today. It's where she goes, and they have POOLS! I really would like to go someplace I can swim laps.. and if she's got a membership as well, I'll have someone to go with. That's a plus for me, since I really feel like I need an exercize buddy.

I'm looking for a place with spinners, treadmills, and weights.. which you'll find at any gym... but I'm also looking for a place that'll give me a once-over and help me figure out where I am and where I need to be. Gold's will help me with that when I sign up. I don't think the Y will, though. But they have a pool.

Maybe I'll just look into buying an exercize bike, though.
I'll have to wait and see how things turn out tomorrow.


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