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Stressed and unmotivated

I've been pretty dead to the world except Puu lately. I haven't kept up on things like email, etc. oops.
Working retail this time of the year really sucks. I always dread it. I'm working every day this week. 35 hours. WTF. Anyway.. I get christmas off.
So if mom wonders why I can't visit the family for the holidays, there you go. Working every single day. No time off.
My work shoes have worn out. They're both talking to me now, but I haven't had time to go out and buy a new pair yet.
I also have a sewing deadline for my aunt that I simply don't think I can make. I really need to make sure her dress is in the mail the week after Christmas, but I haven't even had a chance to go to the fabric store and get it started.
I don't feel like sewing, and haven't really felt like sewing since Octoberish, but I don't really have the luxury to put everything down and forget about it when I have deadlines. I'm really stressed about it.. especially since I don't have any days off to actually go down to the fabric store and start sewing. And I KNOW I don't have the right fabrics and trims at the house to get started here. I might have to get down to walmart at an odd time in the middle of the night and hope they have fringe trim.

Because of all this, I really don't think I'll get to work on a personal costume for Ushi in Feb. I don't know if I'm going to feel like sewing any more by then, and the group costumes we had been planning have been scrapped for the time being. We WILL pick them up again, but right now, there just isn't time. The announcement of a VERY cool guest has kind of flip flopped our plans.

I left the iRO LJ community the other day. WOW! Next to get the axe will be sore and sorcery, or whatever the name of the Kingdom of Loathing group is. And maybe cosplay, too. I'm not even interested in what people post there anymore, so I might just take off. They brought the Anna Nichole Smith cosplay issue up.. drug it out of the cosplay.com BBS or something. (Not that a certain particular BBS is a breeding ground of positive thoughts anyway. Talk about a cesspool of bitchiness) I personally didn't think she looked bad at all. I don't see people getting pissed off at booth babes for getting paid to stand around in costume, so wtf? Lighten up people.

Work is going to be crazy for a while. In the meantime, I try to get in some time on WoW and get the house cleaned. In-laws are arriving on Weds, and I still have a LOT of cleaning to do. Retail makes my holidays miserable.

Despite the rest of the post, however, I'm doing really well, and spending my days (mostly) happy. I just don't have much to say. Oh well. Gotta leave now or I'll be late to work.


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