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Tora Tora Tora!

Just wanted to show off the new icon Ringo made for me. :)
Watched the South Park Movie tonight with Shampooza. I had forgotten how much I love the soundtrack for that.
Been playing World of Warcraft a lot lately.
I have a great undead warlock named Anaphalaxis on the Gorgonash server. Serious medical conditions make great zombie names. She's around level 15-ish.
Since she's a zombie/undead/thing, she's very bony. The other players call her "ana" for short. How ironic is that?!?

~Gotta work tomorrow at 10 AM
~Gotta remember to send out student loan payment
~Gotta clean more. We still have messes in the kitchen since R-kun was here.

My brother visited for Thanksgiving and reminded me why I hate letting him into my kitchen. He leaves shit EVERYWHERE. He just sets greasy utensils on the counter, leaving a big greasy mess on the counter... then puts plates, etc down on top of that... etcetcetc. Until pretty soon, the kitchen is trashed, and he doesn't give a shit. Every time I get on his back about not turning my kitchen into a cesspool, he gets really pissy. I don't know why. He should know damned well he shouldn't do it in the first place if he doesn't intend to clean things up.
That's all for now.


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