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Haven't posted in a while, here's what I am up to:

Sewing stuff. I haven't finished my jedi costume, but I've been wearing it to work anyway. I need to finish the boot covers, repair my Chacha shoes for the boot covers, and make the tabard thing that attaches to the belt.
But I'm lazy, and I probably won't.

Thanksgiving went well. We made too much food, though. XP
Ham, Twice-baked potatoes, boiled potatoes, corn, rolls, green bean casserole, and that marshmellow fruit coctail whipped cream stuff mom used to make.. oh yeah, and ray brought pumpkin pie.
Too much food for 4 people!!! I shouldn't have boiled the potatoes. I did it because I wasn't sure if Puu was going to like the twice baked potatoes.... and for a while, I thought we might have enough ham drippings to make some ham gravy. In which case, I would have wanted mashed potatoes for that. But we couldn't make gravy, and everyone ate the twice-bakeds, so we really didn't eat the regular potatoes. Oh well.

So I've worn my silly Jedi costume to work probably about 3 times already. People have been mostly making fun of me. When Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas and Halo 2 came out, the bossman wanted everyone to dress up in a certain style. "Ghetto" and "Military." And while he gets a kick out of me dressing up for other game releases, and allows me to do so... no one else ever really gets excited about the games I do. So I usually get made fun of over it, or no one gives a shit when I put tons of effort into it. While KotOR II: Sith Lords isn't exactly the big release of the year, I figured it would be a big release for X-box because the first one was an excellent game, and there arn't many of that particular genre on that system. And I KNOW there are gamers who like those kinds of games, because KotOR did really well when it first came out. I've only met a small handful of people who didn't like it, and usually they're the "OMFGHALO2OOPSICRAPPEDMYPANTS" people.
So yeah. Got lots of funny looks yesterday from the Baylor girls getting their frappuchinos at starbucks. Scared a few small children (I was wearing foam latex horns) and generally freaked people out. It was great when people wern't laughing at me.

No jedi costume today. Worked 2-10pm yesterday(OMG YESTERDAY), and I need to wash the white underkimono. Kinda sweaty and ick.

Anyway.. about to head off to work again. The shift isn't as long today... which should give me more time to play World of Warcraft XD


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