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Everyone wants to be a superhero, right?

Celine visited this weekend, and we had a lot of fun.
I'm 23 and discovering the advantages of female bonding. It's weird, considering how I always considered myself a tomboy, and always felt I got along better with guys.
Now, the only guy I'm interested in getting along with is Akuma.
I've really become a recluse these past few years, but it's ok. I'm enjoying the time I get to spend by myself alone, and I'm thankful that I have my few close freinds I trust with things I would normally keep secret.
To a point, I've always been afraid to open up about certain things with people. People like Bevo, Makoto, Ringo, Celine, and Shampoo have really been important to me in that regard. More so Bevo, Celine, and Shampoo this past month. It almost feels like a stupid chick flick.

So, this past weekend was bonding with Celine. <3

In any case, I'm just generally happy right now. I don't have much going on in my life, good or bad, to post about, but I've been trying to think of topics to post here to let everyone know what I am up to.

It's been raining a lot here lately, and it looks like the roof has developed a nasty leak. Every time it rains, we have to skitter about and put down fresh towels and buckets. It's been raining almost every day this week. While I LOVE the weather, it's bad for the roof. Since we haven't had a few days of sunshine, it hasn't really dried up around us. This means we can't do anything about the roof until it's dry. Unrelated: This also means the lawn has been growing like crazy D:
It sucks, but there's not really anything that can be done about it until it dries out some more.

Um.. what else?
I'm making a jedi costume! :X

It's for work. It's turning out pretty well. I have to think of some wacky facepaint and facial prosthetics, and I'll be set. The costume is almost done. It's so that I will have somthing fun to wear for the release of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords. Long freakin title, huh?

In any case, I'm recycling a white under-kimono from a few other costumes. It's a great generic garment to own, really. I also bought 3 yards of the MOST HIDEOUS sand-colored-mustardish-taupe-tan-ish polyester suiting you've ever seen. It's perfect for a generic jedi costume, and it's got texture, which is really important. I still need to make the obi thing with the strappy things.. and I have to decide WTF to do about shoes, since I can't wear my black plats to work.. heh. I'd probably trip and kill myself. Celine suggested boot covers, so I may do something quick& dirty involving stirrups or somthing. I don't think I'll get it done tonight, though... but this is probably a bit early to be wearing stuff for a Dec. 7th release anyway. Dressing up always helps me get more reserves, though XP

In any case, that's about all I'm up to at the moment. Akuma's week off starts Tuesday, and I am looking forward to it. He makes me happy, and I just like being around him. I'm feeling rather mushy right now, but I'll spare you all.

Oh yeah. And today is trash day. Meaning, I have to get the trash out to the curb today because tomorrow is the REAL trash day. I cleaned out a lot of crap, but I forgot to empty the kitty litter. Oh well. Senpu'll live, or crap on our clothes. Today, he puked on the rug for no apparent reason. You have to love cats.


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