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JJ, if you are reading this,

Have I mentioned I hate Halo recently?

Anyway... Not much going on here. I've been working hard..... to uh, get to the end of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne >..>

I think I'm getting close. There arn't many dungeon maps left in the walkthrough, and the story is building up to some sort of climax. Before I can finish it, though, I have to make an important decision. What ending am I going to see?
I really don't like the Reasons presented to me by the other characters, so I haven't been agreeing with their ideals. I've decided to go out on my own, but the game tells me I suck, and that demons can't create their own Reason, only follow one. Well.. I'm a half demon, so bite it!
This game has been REALLY cool in letting you go your own way, as far as ethics and morals are concerned. It determines little things like doors you can go into, and I think how easily some monsters join you. It also ultimately determines your ending, but it doesn't drastically alter the progressive story.
In any case... I've been looking for spoilers on the net because my strat guide doesn't say ANYTHING about how to get the different endings. I wouldn't even care if it didn't tell you what the ending were if it at least listed how many there were, and what the requirements for each was. Thankfully, that's why GameFaQs exists.

At the moment, I can either finish the Labyrinth of Amala (And kick Beelzbub's ass, make Lucifer very happy, and become some uber demon) or finish without the Labyrinth, and see what Reason my character gets locked in to. I think I want to finish the Labyrinth, because it's got treasure.
Greed destroys the world, woot!

Things will probably go that direction even if I don't help Lucifer out... because unfortunately, I haven't agreed to any sort of Reason so far, and I'll probably get some sort of Chaotic ending anyway. phht

Guess what??!?!

Celine is visiting this weekend!
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