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Today is weird.

Sunday. This morning was nice.. I have a major project due in Anthro. tomorrow.. and I have 2 HW assignments to catch up on in english... God I hate that class... It wouldn't be soo bad if it wasn't for the fact that an illeterate monky could teach that literature class better. Oh well. So it goes, as Vonnegut says. I'm thinking about mailing somthing to Kyo. I know what I want to send.. I think. It's somthing that calms me down when I'm stressed out, and it glows in the dark. No, it's not a dildo. Sorry. Actually, it's this little glow-in-the-dark plastic skeleton. It's held together by elastic strings and when you press the base on the bottom, you can make him dance around, depending on how you hold it. It's fun to fiddle with when you're stressed out. Or maybe I'm strange for wanting to send a major rock star a silly little glowing plastic skeleton...
::shruggs:: Who knows? I think I'd be more concerned with getting my japanese correct in the letter, more than anything...
Maybe I'll send him some safety pins, too. Do you think the USPS would have problems with that?

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