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Fullmetal Alchemist dubbed

It's not that bad, really. I just finished watching the first episode on Adult Swim. Since I love the series, I really didn't want to miss the first episode aired on US TV.

I *really* like the kid they picked to do Al's voice. Very nice! I'm not sure who the person is who did the voice, or how old he is, but I think they really captured Al's character.

Ed's voice is ok. It doesn't have the edge to it I was expecting, but the acting is good. I can't really complain, especially since my beef isn't with the acting whatsoever. It's really tough to cast leading roles when people come into a show expecting it to sound a certain way already.

Lust: Sounds.. well.. like Lust. :)
Gluttony: Need to hear more

The others sound ok so far, too. I want to see how Roy& the rest of the military from Central turned out

Script: They took a few liberties here and there, as dubs are wont to do, but it's just fine by me. I'm glad they didn't pull a Harry potter and change the names of things to dumb it down.

My biggest gripe so far:

Opening/ender. They started everything with Ready, Steady, Go! by L'arc. It's a great song, but it's what... the 2nd, 3rd opener? This means no "Melissa" on TV. :(

They're pulling an hour right now on Adult Swim, so I'm going to go watch the rest of the second episode and come back to post more later.

Edit: Nevermind. My on-screen guide showed 1 hour of FMA, but it was really just the first episode, and then Ghost in the Shell.
I think I'm going to go to the animesuki BBS and watch the fangirls scream bloody murder over nothing.


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