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What a weird fruit

I like to expand my horizons in all sorts of legal ways. I try new foods, even if it's just once.

Lately, I've been picking up fruit at HEB. I love fruit, but there are a great many fruit I have never eaten. Because my HEB is huge, it gets all sorts of things I would consider exotic. I've purchased all sorts of stuff there before. I remember the time I bought fresh lychee...
And a while back I bought a starfruit. A few days ago, I bought a pomegranite.
One thing ALL these fruit have in common is this:
I have never tried them before, and have no clue how to prepare/eat them.

I think it's exciting!

In any case... I'm pretty certain I've eaten each and every one incorrectly, which is why I didn't particularly enjoy them.

For the Lychee, I peeled it, and ate the fleshy part between the peel and the seed. Looked a lot like a huge grape, didn't taste much like anything lychee flavored I've ever had. Lychee is still terribly mysterious.

For the Starfruit, I sliced it up to put on that fruit salad I made a while back. IT was a very thin and tiny fruit, so it didn't look like it had much 'eatin' on it. I tried peeling it and eating some of the stuff in the middle, but it was very bitter. Maybe it wasn't ripe?

Ok, I cheated on this one, and looked on the internet to see how to eat it. I didn't really find any good suggestions- Just how to juice one. Looks like a huge opium pod, and the directions suggest scoring a pomegranate as such, too. Not that I have intimate knowledge of scoring opium pods.

In any case... I scored it a few times, and then quartered the fruit like I would an apple or pear. I then flipped the seeds out by flexing the rind. The insides don't look very appetizing, but the seeds look tasty!
I don't think I want to eat the seeds, though, so I've been scooping a few in my mouth and squishing the little red sacs around them. Then I spit the seeds out. Maybe this one should only be juiced??
Anyway, it's a little sweet, a little tart, and not at all bad. I wonder if it's ripe, though.

I also learned somthing new today!
Grenadine is not cherry juice, it's pomegranate juice! Wow!


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