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I sneezed so much my head exploded

The party cleanup has been unfortunately slow and laborious.
I had a lot of help from the girls that were here Mon and Tues, but there's still a lot to do.
We haven't been able to throw any trash away all week because our can is full. If we can just make it to Sunday, we should be ok. There is also a large pile of things like boxes, etc by the door that I'm still working on. I need to break it down little by little and get rid of it. As it stands right now, though, there's just not enough room in the can to get rid of everything.

I'm still finding things like cups, candy wrappers, glowsticks& crap hidden in weird places. I think I've got them all now, but I don't want to find anymore.

There was also a mysterious puddle behind the couch that I found the day before yesterday. It was clear fluid, and didn't smell like piss or vomit, so I'm really confused. It's gone now, though... hopefully never to return again.

A lot of crap was left at my house this year, too. I have all sorts of things from pills to haircair products to clothing. There is also a pair of cat ears.

I did two loads of dishes today, tried to purge more trash, cleaned out the litterbox, and just generally picked up some more. I wish I could get the house super clean and just keep it that way. I don't think that's going to happen any time soon, though, since Halo 2 releases on Tues, and all of next week will be a nightmare at work. Maybe after the christmas season...

Which reminds me. I really need to mail some more of Makoto's crap up to her. One day, it'll all be gone!!!

I also need to think about putting up the Christmas tree soon. Last year when I thought about putting the tree up, it was up the week before Christmas. That means, if I start thinking about putting it up now, I'll probably be able to get it up by the second week of December. I really need to buy another extension cord as well, so I can put lights up on the trees outside the house this year. We have so many of the damned things leftover from the wedding. The lights in the boas this year were really awesome, though. I think I'm definitely going to do glowsticks next time, too.

Oh well. Back to cleaning. I have to get everything run through so that I can take a shower. I'm meeting Heero tonight at IHOP I think. He's coming through town for some business, and I don't want to miss the opportunity to hang out and eat a meal I don't have to cook XD


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