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Look at me not bitching about election stuff

I had a weird dream last night where I was a superhero and N-kun was this weird dying albino boy that I had to save. It was one of those weird situations in dreams when you know X person is your freind, and that name is associated with them, but they really look nothing like them. Said person in my dream was N-kun, but looked more like a bleached Andy Warhol in a white wife beater& short shorts. Kinda dressed like a little kid. Very creepy.
Anyway...I picked him up and ran him over to a nearby policeman who said I really should have shot him, and wondered if I was one of those weird costumed heros. (I was wearing a white fitted T-shirt, jeans, some chucks, and my deviruchi hat) I told him I didn't care if the government wanted to kill all albinos because he was my freind. (We had gone up into this big ball kind of like the one in Dallas. It was so high up we had to inhale this green gas to help us adjust to the height and keep us from urinating on ourselves, which I remember thinking was completely ridiculous and stupid.)
Then I woke up and wanted to watch Spider Man again. D:
Instead, I played the game and sat around wishing the second movie was out on DVD already so I could continue my unhealthy obsession with nifty Spider Man stuff.


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