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The party week is over

Everyone is out of the house!
Poor Akuma has to go back to work tonight, though, so he doesn't get to enjoy a day alone in the house until next week, though.

I am happy to say that the party went well. If we do this again next year, it's definitely going to be easier. Each year that goes by gives me another chance to make things run smoothly. I ended up buying more booze this year than I had planned, but fortunately, a lot of people contributed as well. It made things a lot easier this year. A few things about the alcohol situation sucked, though. Some people who said they were bringing X item were not able to. That's alright, because things happen. Some people who said they were bringing me X item didn't come to the party at all, though. And they suck. :P That put us out of regular vodka on Sat. Fortunately, because of Bevo, we had quite a few flavored vodkas, which works just fine when mixing.

We also managed to cut our vomiter count down by 50%. (Two sloppy puking drunks last year. Only one this year!) I think it's impossible to cut it down any more, but as long as I make sure it doesn't happen in the house ever again, I think things will be just fine.

In my last entry, people started showing up late weds/early thurs to decorate. I didn't get all the decorations finished that I had wished, but it all worked out. I had wanted to re-crated Rocky's tank over the kitchen table, but I never got around to it. I also never got around to finishing sewing everything... and since there wern't a whole lot of gamers here this year, I just ended up leaving all my sewing stuff on the table.

There were a lot fewer people here this year, but I think it really helped in cutting down the damage that was done. I also had more close freinds. The ones that did not come this year were the ones that caused the most damage last year, so I can't say I'm 100% sorry I missed them. (The dude that puked all over the deck in his sleep last year, for example. He did pop in for about 30 min on Sat, but didn't get shitfaced, so it's all good. Got the company without the consequences)

I had a lot of help from Puu& Mizz in decorating and cleaning this year, and it really helped a lot. Mizz took it upon himself to crusade against the overgrowth in the backyard- something he did NOT have to do- and made the back sun porch look wonderful! It's somthing that had to be done. We would have gotten to it eventually, or ended up hiring someone to take care of it. I'm very thankful that Mizz decided to help out with that, though. It's going to help the insect problem around the house a lot. - Among other house problems. (Wood rot, carpenter ants, cockroaches, spiders, snakes, etc)

I have a few pictures of everything, but I haven't put them up yet. I have to go to work in about 30 min, so I don't really have time for a detailed update.
Here's a quick rundown:

~Puu& Mizz arrive at the asscrack between Weds and Thurs, help clean& decorate
~Niko& Le Chat arrive late Thurs
~Loggera, Bevin, Lysariala, Greggo& that other chick arrive Friday. Bevin got lost, but made it here. Greggo got lost, and had to get picked up around the ghetto part of town. A few good local freinds arrive Friday night for a little bit.
~Most other locals pop by on Sat.
~Greggo and that other chick flake out on Sat, go to a Baylor Football game and then leave back for Galveston. BASTARD! :P Left red velvet cake in the shape of lips here. No one tried any :(
~Niko& Le Chat leave.. um.. not sure when. Either Late Sat or early Sun. Ride took them away before I could say goodbye. Left a lot of stuff here.
~Loggera leaves Sun, I think?
~Celine arrives Sun!
~Bevin, Lysariala leave Mon. I think.... Bevin takes off so she can vote in the right county. Lysariala is very sick and vomitous, and leaves either late sun/early monday
~Oratorio is a bum, arrives Sat out of guilt, then again on Sun, then comes back AGAIN to flirt with Celine on Monday. D:
~Mizz, Puu, & Tania leave Tues afternoon.

Guys from work never did come :P I guess they didn't want to have to bring food& booze for me. I shall give them a very hard time of it when I arrive at work tonight.

I really love all of my freinds, but next year, I am not sure I will let them stay this long XD
Weds-Tues!! Oh my god! (And this is not directed to Puu& Mizz in particular. There were people coming in and out the entire time. They just happened to be the out of towners that stayed the longest) You just start to miss being in the house by yourself after a while, you know?


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