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Quick recap

OK.... that night I couldn't sleep?
Well, I was scheduled to work the following day from 9am-6pm. That's why I needed sleep!
I managed to get a little sleep, but it really wasn't enough. I went to work a few hours later. I ended up working somthing like 8:45-6:30. They asked if I could stay extra (until 7pm or so) so I said yes. But, it turns out they didn't need me, so I left around 6:30/6:45 pm.

ANYWAY... worked the next day, too, from 4pm-10pm. That day was horrible.
Some crazy bitch made it a point to tell me what a horrible person I was. I don't even want to get into the shit she said to me, or it'll just piss me off again. Needless to say, sometimes I wish I could just blow up at my customers.
I also refused service that same day to a snot-nosed kid who was trying to get cash for a mature rated game that wasn't his. HAHAHAHAHAH (I know this, because he came in with two guys earlier. I told them I wouldn't buy back two copies of the same game, so I couldn't take back both their grand theft auto IIIs so they sent in one of the little kids by himself to try to get cash for it. WHATEVER! HAHAHAH I LAUGH AT YOU!)

So now the crazy starts.
Puu& Mizz arrived in town last night. More people arriving today?? I have no clue.... no one's been really clear on when they want to show... But I THINK 2 people may be showing up today to help clean/decorate. Then most out of towners will be in tomorrow. Then the lame locals will be in Sat, probably. Because even though I said the event was all weekend, they're pissy, and will probably only show Sat night.

So much more cleaning to do, though..... I want to vaccum and clean the floors today... and get some lights and decorations up. Gotta sew a lot today, too.
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