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Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.............. Is kicking my ass

So.. after I beat Phantom Brave, I played around with some of the bonus stages for a while before it got too tough. I wasn't too interested in just levelling and levelling for a few weeks before I could take on the next stage, so I put it aside for a while. I decided to pick up Star Ocean 3 again. Akuma was on disk 2, and I was only on disk 1, so this meant we could both play at the same time without having to share the disks, etc. (PS2 in the bedroom vs PS2 in the livingroom- fun for all!)

I played SO3 until I reached the second disk, and decided to put it down until Akuma was finished with it, so I wouldn't have to snag the disk from him all the time. Luckily, about that time, SMT:Nocturn was released, so I've been playing that.
(I really don't go through games THAT quickly. Usually when I have sewing deadlines, I have to stop playing all together until I get finished, so this was a brief history of my gaming since around August :P )
Still working on Blood Will Tell, but that one is starting to get pretty tough.
There have been some great games released this year! It's been a long time since I've played a RPG with bosses that have repeatedly kicked my butt. In SO3, there have been a few challenging ones that keep me coming back and trying again. I really missed that. When I first started console gaming.. and I was playing the old SNES Final Fantasy games with bosses that you'd sometimes spend a day trying to beat. (Get your butt kicked a few times.. go level some more.. get your butt kicked some more...)
It was great XD
If the story is compelling, I don't mind if the bosses are easy, because chances are, I want to see the story. It was torture when I couldn't get by XD A lot of the games I've played lately have been fairly easy to beat.. but have New Game Plus modes with harder difficulties. If I wanted to go back and play again with tougher enemies, that's great too.

Anyway... Beat Phantom Brave.. got to disk 2-ish on SO3, still working on finishing Katamary Damashi (that game is actually pretty tough to me) and Blood Will Tell.. but since Shin Megami Tensei Nocturn just came out... well hell. You really can't turn that down. Right KT?

Fun game. I'm happy to see updated graphics on the SMT series. The sprites all look more like the character art, which is cool.

Anyway.. still working on stuff for the Halloween Party. I need to sew my costume and buy stuff for decorations. I'm also helping a few people with their costumes, etc.

Puu& Mizz visited since they had some family stuff to take care of.

Why is there sticky crap all over my computer desk?

Oh yeah.. and I'm going back to the dentist tomorrow. Hopefully, the end of my work for at least a year. We'll find out how things are going at my 6 month next spring.
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